New data shows entire country benefited from school holiday tourism high

Communities across New Zealand benefitted from a boost in domestic tourism as Kiwis hit the road during the recent school holidays.

New data shows the number of New Zealanders outside of their home region peaked at 550,000 on 11 July – the highest since March.

“The increase in travel provided a much-needed boost to communities across the country,” says Tourism New Zealand’s Director Commercial, René de Monchy.

“We’ve been working hard to support the tourism sector’s recovery by encouraging Kiwis to explore Aotearoa and do something new - this data shows that Kiwis are doing exactly that.”

Tourism New Zealand’s latest domestic consumer research shows that Kiwis are keen to travel over the coming months.

“We’ll build on the school holiday momentum by tapping into the 64 percent of New Zealanders planning to take a domestic holiday in the next 12 months, and the 40 percent who intend to travel outside the school holidays.”

Tourism New Zealand worked with Data Ventures to commission the school holiday data.

Data Ventures Executive Director, Drew Broadley says the data shows that Kiwis have taken up the call to get out and explore their backyard.

“A large number of Kiwis have chosen to explore their own backyard, with many trying something new this winter when they would have traditionally been able to take a tropical overseas holiday.”

“It also shows those who went on holiday didn’t just head to the snow, they ventured to all parts of the country with every region recording an increase in domestic visitors compared to the same time last year.”