New infographics for six key visitor markets

Tourism New Zealand has just released updated research that provides high-level information about New Zealand’s key international visitor markets: Australia, China, United Kingdom, United States, Germany and Japan.

The information is provided in the form of infographics, designed to help New Zealand tourism operators to make informed decisions when shaping the future of their businesses.

Data from Statistics New Zealand and the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Enterprise was collated and examined alongside Tourism New Zealand insights to create the user-friendly infographics. 

The infographics provide a profile view of Active Considerers for each market – those already considering a holiday in New Zealand (Tourism New Zealand’s target audience) – as well as information on the behaviour of past visitors. This information includes market demographics for key consumer segments, visitor expectations, and travel trends, to provide a definitive snapshot of each market.

The information also highlights regional preferences for each key market, as well as opportunities to further promote off-peak travel.

“The series of market infographics provides our international tourism industry with a more robust insight into who is potentially coming to New Zealand, their main drivers for travel, how they get around, and what they want to know. Each market and each visitor group is different, and these infographics provide industry with the information it needs to tailor their business decisions,” says Andrew Fraser, Tourism New Zealand’s Director of Marketing. 

“While each market has its nuances, the research shows strong common themes across our key markets. For example, our target audience across all markets tend to be higher income earners, are drawn to New Zealand for our landscapes and scenery, and generally travel as a couple.”

“The information on our target audiences can help our industry to better align their offer to these future visitors.”

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