New partnership opens the way for more high-value visitors

Tourism New Zealand has secured a valuable partnership with global luxury agency group, Traveller Made, further boosting opportunities to attract high-value visitors.

As the first national tourism organisation to join the luxury agency, Tourism New Zealand gains an edge showcasing New Zealand’s luxury offerings to Traveller Made agencies.

Traveller Made is a network of 150 mostly European-based travel agencies providing exclusive journeys for travellers looking for different and original experiences.

Announcing the partnership with Tourism New Zealand, the President of Traveller Made, Quentin Desurmont, says:  “A new milestone has been achieved today by Traveller Made in welcoming Tourism New Zealand as the first national tourism organisation to join its luxury community.

“New Zealand represents a still-uncharted and emblematic destination offering all the luxury travel trends that Traveller Made member agencies have defined. New Zealand’s product and world class experiences set within close proximity provide Traveller Made member agencies the opportunity to show the extent of their innovation and itinerary creation with a destination that consistently delivers unique and unparalleled journeys for high-end visitors.

“Tourism New Zealand will be showcasing this extraordinary destination within our network and help member agencies meet their clients’ needs.”

Danielle Genty-Nott, Tourism New Zealand Regional Manager – UK and Europe says: “We are delighted to be invited to work alongside Traveller Made and their dedicated network of luxury travel designers. We look forward to a close relationship with the Traveller Made member agencies and welcoming their clients to experience Aotearoa.”

The alliance follows the recent announcement of Tourism New Zealand joining forces with the Signature Travel Network, one of North America’s leading luxury travel groups.

Bjoern Spreitzer, Tourism New Zealand General Manager, Americas and Europe says: “The Traveller Made alliance is yet another opportunity for Tourism New Zealand to promote the opportunities for luxury travel and increase the number of high-value visitors to the country. This is a valuable partnership that will provide Tourism New Zealand with access to work alongside a dedicated network of luxury travel designers.”