New research pieces help inform industry

Back when we first started talking about our new three-year marketing strategy, the industry told us loud and clear that they wanted to see more research from Tourism New Zealand.

With that in mind, our Insights team have produced several new pieces that we recently loaded onto the corporate website for you to download and use.

The first is a piece on adventure tourism and was generated recently when Paul Yeo attended the Great Adventure conference held by TIA.

Did you know that in 2012, 1 in 2 international holiday tourists did some sort of adventure tourism activity during their stay in New Zealand? The Netherlands and Germany are the two countries most likely to do adventure tourism while in NZ.

The second piece is an update on our Active Considerer monitor for India, one of the key markets that Tourism New Zealand will target in the coming year with increased investment. This piece covers off perceptions of New Zealand, awareness and appeal of The Hobbit and of The Cricket World Cup being held in Australia and New Zealand in 2015. For Tourism New Zealand, families and Young Adventurers, including couples and honeymooners, will be key target groups.

At an incidence rate of 29%, there are approximately 1.6 million Active Considerers of NZ located in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore. Active Considerers are more likely to be over 25 years and in some kind of employment, compared to the general population. Relative to competitors, NZ is currently has one clear strength to leverage - outdoor & adventure activities - indicating there is a strong need to raise awareness of NZ's core proposition in a positively differentiated way.

Finally, on the matter of the Hobbit, is a piece that provides a bit more of the detail behind the recent success story we published relating to the impact the Hobbit is having on tourism. And if you have not checked out the new trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, head over to our Facebook page and watch it.

Tourism New Zealand's corporate website holds lots of research pieces and we will be adding more as they become available so keep your eye on the site.

Justin Watson

Director of Trade, PR and Major Events