New Zealand benefits as international tourism continues to deliver

New Zealand tourism is thriving with data released on 17 February confirming it is continuing to deliver significant economic benefits.

Total international visitor spend reached a new high of $10.1 billion for the year ending December 2016, up 4% on last year.

Holiday visitor spend is up 10% on last year to $6.4 billion due to increased holiday arrival numbers.

“This is the highest level of international tourism expenditure on record and it’s predicted to increase as tourism numbers grow,” says Acting Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Brighid Kelly.

The average holiday arrival spends around $3,800 during their visit.  

 “Tourism spend is wide reaching, benefiting retail owners, supermarkets, petrol stations, restaurants and cafes plus many more in addition to traditional accommodation and travel spend.”

One in 13 New Zealanders are directly employed in the tourism industry.

Tourism offers a range of employment opportunities for New Zealanders.

Last year 3.4 million overseas visitors came to New Zealand and at the current rate of growth is estimated to  double in seven years.

 “Our continued focus for 2017 is on encouraging autumn and spring travel along with visitation into the regions. This not only reduces peak season concentration but also helps spread the benefit of tourism to more areas of the country.”

“We are investing 100% of our marketing into showcasing New Zealand’s autumn and spring offering with a focus on visiting regions people might not have traditionally considered.”

A campaign promoting Northland in autumn recently launched in Melbourne and will be followed by others over the coming months.