New Zealand profiled to over 100,000 in new JTB brochure

JTB - Japan's largest travel agency - launched its latest New Zealand brochure this week highlighting the best that New Zealand has to offer over the summer season. 

Supported by Tourism New Zealand and Air New Zealand, JTB's benchmark 'red book' brochure has 70 pages dedicated to New Zealand and targets the traditional senior Japanese travel segment.

Over 100,000 copies of the brochure have been distributed to 2,000 travel agents across Japan.

While online holiday research and planning is growing in Japan, the Japanese senior target market still rely heavily on traditional brochures and the JTB brochure remains a crucial planning and selling resource.

Included in the brochure are new tours offering greater flexibility for regional discovery, increased hiking options and a selection of premium high end tours. 

The brochure continues to promote Christchurch as a key gateway to the South Island and highlights both the Air New Zealand direct flights to Christchurch and convenient access from across Japan with new partner ANA. 

In addition the new brochure features popular Golden route touring itineraries highlighting Mt Cook, Tekapo star gazing and Milford Sound. 

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