New Zealand: the ultimate destination for wealthy Europeans

More than 300 agencies that cater solely for the world’s high net worth individuals have voted New Zealand their “Most Preferred Destination”.

For high net worth travellers looking for unique, bespoke experiences, New Zealand becomes the ultimate destination

The title was awarded at Traveller Made’s Essence of Luxury Forum in France recently.

Traveller Made is a network community for luxury travel designers and suppliers including hotels and experience providers. It is an exclusive invitation-only network with a two-year application process for membership.

“Traveller Made has considerable status among the luxury travel industry and to be recognised by its members is a tremendous boost for New Zealand’s premium sector. Tourism New Zealand was the first national tourism organisation to join Traveller Made and the relationship has helped increase the awareness of New Zealand as a must-do luxury destination for its clients,” says Pip Casey, Tourism New Zealand’s Regional Manager Europe.

Tourism New Zealand’s Premium Manager in Europe attended the forum and conducted almost 100 one-on-one meetings with travel designers who specialise in bespoke luxury holidays for ultra-high and high net worth individuals. Prior to the forum Tourism New Zealand held product training in the UK with the Luxury Lodges of New Zealand, training 40 of the UK’s leading luxury travel sellers.

“When we first joined Traveller Made in 2014 there were only 70 member agencies and one New Zealand partner. Now there are almost more than 300 member agencies from around Europe, North, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania (including 14 partners from New Zealand),” says Ms Casey.

“Being awarded ‘Most Preferred Destination’ highlights the level of respect that the sector has for New Zealand’s premium tourism offerings, and our world-renowned luxury lodges and facilities. For high net worth travellers looking for unique, bespoke experiences, New Zealand becomes the ultimate destination.”

High net worth individuals from the UK and Germany account for New Zealand’s 3rd and 4th largest markets for premium tourism. Tourism New Zealand continues to build extensive relationships with European agencies, particularly targeting high net worth individuals in UK, Germany and France.