New Zealand trending as international business events destination

New Zealand’s business events industry collaboration, niche knowledge areas and streamlined visa entry services set the country apart as an international event destination according to a global convention management group.

Michelle Crowley from the global Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) spoke to a range of business events industry in Auckland today.  

“The way the business events industry works alongside government, field experts and academics is pretty unique and a draw card for New Zealand,” says Michelle.

“In addition, in a world where visa entry services are becoming more difficult, New Zealand stands apart offering a waiver entry service.”

Tourism New Zealand and the Auckland Convention Bureau invited Michelle to speak to the business events industry sharing knowledge about trends shaping the future of events.

Lisa Gardiner, Manager Business Events and Premium, Tourism New Zealand says, “New Zealand is already an attractive business events destination and to ensure that continues it’s important that the industry are aware of international delegate expectations so we can deliver now and in the future.”

“Business visitors demand a more personalised business event experience, where they can connect with their peers and learn in their own way.”

“Today the industry was able to hear first-hand some ways to achieve this and what other countries have done successfully.”

“Tourism New Zealand works across the globe to attract international events which gives us access to a range of international business events experts.  We want to share these connections with the New Zealand industry so everyone benefits.”

International events are big business and New Zealand is performing extremely well as an attractive and unique business and conference destination. The estimated value from all conferences bid for by Tourism New Zealand in the last financial year was $96.3 million.

“Business events deliver millions of dollars to the New Zealand and event destination economy and put New Zealand on the world stage as research and thought leaders.”

Key facts 

A number of business events and conferences will be held across the country over the coming years benefiting many regions, these include Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua, Palmerston North, Wellington Christchurch and Dunedin.

Tourism New Zealand had a target to assist 60 conference bids a year. In the in 2015/16 financial year a massive 71 international bids were achieved with 72% success rate. The target was also exceeded in the previous financial year.

The Tourism New Zealand bid team is focussed on promoting New Zealand as a compelling business events destination in the core markets of Australia, China, South East Asia, USA and the Global Association market. 

Tourism New Zealand offers strategic marketing and bid assistance to internationally-affiliated organisations seeking to host a conference of more than 200 international delegates in New Zealand.  Assistance includes providing a financial feasibility study of the conference, bid presentation costs, international travel assistance, preparing professional documents and presentations to set bids apart and marketing strategies to improve an organisations chance of winning a bid.