New Zealanders invited to be part of new global tourism campaign

In a global first, Tourism New Zealand is inviting all Kiwis to be part of its biggest campaign yet.

Kiwis are invited to create a video that will form part of a 366-day campaign showcasing our welcoming people and culture.

“We’re asking New Zealanders to share their favourite place with the world by creating a ‘good morning world’ video and sharing it on social media.

“Think everyday locations, your local café, your dog walking spot, your favourite beach or even your local pie shop – we want to capture classic Kiwi life and what makes it so special,” says Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive, Stephen England-Hall.

The work is the latest evolution of the highly successful 20 year-old 100% Pure New Zealand campaign highlighting what makes New Zealand unique.

“It’s our warm and welcoming people combined with our stunning landscapes that really set us apart on the world stage. Visitors come here for the landscapes, but it’s the people they leave talking about.

“Tourism is vital to our communities, it’s our number one export earner, bringing in $16.4 billion every year and employing in one in seven Kiwis.”

Notes to reporters:

The campaign

  • The campaign goes live in Australia (our biggest market) on the evening of 16 June with other key markets (China, USA, UK, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, India, Singapore, Korea) to follow.
  • The campaign has been developed and tested with potential visitors to New Zealand.
  • Every two years Tourism New Zealand develops a new global campaign to showcase New Zealand as a destination to target high value visitors.
  • The new campaign opens with an overarching ‘Welcome’ video. This stars 8-year-old Parearau and her elder Hinetu witnessing a sunrise atop of Mt Hikurangi, one of the first places in the world to see the sunrise. It centres on the concept of Kiwis having a bit of time up our sleeves because we are one of the first to rise.
  • Hinetu says “We’ve got time for the little things, to show people around the place, not just as guests, but as whānau – our family. Pass on our local knowledge, and you know, do whatever it takes to make everybody feel our welcome.”
  • The welcome video will be followed by the release of short ‘Good Morning World’ videos from the morning of 17 June featuring New Zealanders wishing the world a good morning from across Aotearoa.
  • A new video will be released every day for the next year.
  • 100% Pure is the longest running destination campaign in the world. This year the award-winning destination campaign turns 20 and is considered one of the most successful and most recognisable in the world. 100% Pure represents the 100% ‘only in New Zealand experience’ you can have in our country – made up of our people, activities and place. Over the last 20 years 100% Pure has remained New Zealand’s overarching destination campaign but the concept has allowed it to be used flexibly. For instance, it became ‘100% Middle- earth 100% Pure New Zealand’ during Lord of the Rings filming and promotion and the 100% Choice tagline was used when same-sex marriage became legalised in New Zealand. The brands ability to adapt and evolve in this way has been key to its 20-year success. The 2019 campaign 100% Welcome - 100% Pure New Zealand’ is the next step in the brands legacy.

Tourism in New Zealand

  • Tourism is the beating heart of New Zealand and crucial the health of the New Zealand economy. As the number one export earner tourism delivers over $16 billion to the economy each year and employs nearly one in seven Kiwis.
  • Tourism New Zealand is funded by the government to attract visitors who stay longer, spend more and visit the regions. This work influences the type of visitors we attract.
  • Tourism New Zealand is making sure tourism gives back more to New Zealand than it takes by taking an increasing role in guiding visitor behaviour through initiatives like Tiaki – Care for New Zealand, responsible camping and driver safety