drives visitor value to industry

Travellers using to plan their holiday stay longer, visit more regions and participate in more paid activities. 

For the first time, Tourism New Zealand's Insights Team have been able to analyse visitor experience data gathered from MBIE's International Visitor Survey (IVS) to show the role plays to increase the value of international visitors to New Zealand.

The research looked at holiday visitors who cited as a source to plan their trip to New Zealand from 1 July - 31 December 2013.

It found that they visited more regions overnight, staying in 4.3 different regions compared to 2.6 by other holiday visitors who didn't use any source of information for planning their trip.

They also participated in significantly more activities, both paid and unpaid, jumping from an average 14.1 of users, to 15.5.And users stay longer in New Zealand than non-users with fewer staying for 1-7 nights and more staying 8 to 28 nights.

Importantly, the research found that this was evident across all of our key markets, with Australia and the traditional long-staying markets, the US, Germany and UK, showing particular strength.

Central to TNZ's activity, the consumer site - - works to communicate directly with people considering a visit to New Zealand and to convert them to travel.

Providing inspiring, accessible and engaging information across all stages of travel, the website is our core channel to drive preference for New Zealand and connect consumers with the people selling the product - be it flights, accommodation transport or activities.

In the last year the website has gone from strength to strength, and this new research further reinforces the value it is delivering to the industry.

In 2013, attracted 17.3 million visits; a new record and a 50 per cent increase on 2012. It also delivered a significant increase in referrals to tourism businesses, up 61 per cent year-on-year.

The research also surveyed the usefulness of a range of travel information sources. On a one- to-ten scale, users rated the usefulness of higher than the other online sources surveyed.

Providing accessible and helpful information throughout the travel planning process is a critical element of our work and development of the website- and it is incredibly encouraging that the site is delivering this in spades for users.

Furthermore, the latest findings reinforce the benefit for operators and tourism businesses to be listed on

With over 17.3 million visits to the site in the last year, the site reaches more international consumers than all other NZ destination marketing organisations combined - and it is free for NZ tourism businesses to use.

This clearly validates our belief that provides the most effective channel for domestic operators to profile their high quality tourism products, experiences and activities to engage with potential travellers internationally.

For information about the site, or to update or create a listing for your tourism business, don't hesitate to contact the team on