- Helping international visitors have a brilliant experience while they’re in New Zealand

Advances in mobile technology mean that Tourism New Zealand can identify exactly where a person is when accessing This information is especially useful once an international visitor has arrived here on holiday. Visitors have always been able to access when here, but the version they viewed was exactly the same as the one they saw prior to travel.

Around one million of the 24 million visits to last year occurred from within New Zealand, with the majority on mobile devices. It’s not surprising that if people found the site helpful while planning and booking their trip, they might continue to use it once their holiday is underway.

And with 20 market versions in 9 languages, we know that makes destination information highly accessible to international guests and others looking for visitor information.

As the information needs of visitors from within New Zealand differ to those in the planning stages prior to travel, pages can simply be presented in a more helpful way. By this we mean removing irrelevant information, like getting a visa, finding an off-shore travel agent, international flight options and ads encouraging a visit to New Zealand.

As well as removing largely irrelevant information, the site will display pages better tailored to visitors in New Zealand with more information on activities and other information. It will also detect where in New Zealand the person is viewing the page and prioritise more localised information.

The site will also better connect visitors with local experts who can help them to plan and book experiences. For example, website users will be able to detect their nearest i-SITE, get walking or driving directions, and click to call.

These developments are all about making the site more helpful for visitors who use the site when in New Zealand and adding to the referrals the site generates for New Zealand operators.

Some minor developments were rolled out in October and these will progress month by month as we continually develop, test and fine tune the enhancements. will continue to serve as a channel to provide quality information and inspiration, and to connect those seeking experiences or information with those who can best provide them.