Opinion leaders deliver targeted campaign messages

Chinese free and independent travellers (FIT) are set to be inspired by emotive messages from high profile opinion leaders as part of Tourism New Zealand's (TNZ) latest JV campaign with Air New Zealand.

The 'New Zealand, New Emotion' campaign builds on previous activity, including the 100% Revive your emotions campaign.

As part of a new development with Air New Zealand the campaign uses actress Yao Chen as the primary opinion leader to position New Zealand as an appealing destination to active considers within the FIT travel sector in China. Media personality Kevin Tsai will act as a secondary opinion leader in the campaign.

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"Partnering with opinion leaders has proven to be extremely successful in our previous campaign work as it allows us to extend the reach and influence of our campaigns. Now that we are focusing on Yao Chen as our primary opinion leader we are expecting to see some great results," says Tourism New Zealand Regional General Manager Asia Markets Tony Everitt.

"Our research has shown that travellers within the FIT sector are influenced by emotional benefits when selecting a holiday destination, such as feeling happy, safe and relaxed. "This has formed the basis of our campaign work which incorporates emotive language and imagery to appeal to the emotional needs of these travellers."

The FIT segment remains a high priority in the China market as it has high growth potential with the segment almost doubling in the last four years. FIT visitors also traditionally stay longer and travel more widely, increasing their potential value to the economy.

"Through strategically partnering with Air New Zealand, we aim to increase flight sales by driving consumers straight to the Air New Zealand site where the promotional flights can be purchased."

The campaign runs through August and September and incorporates both online and offline media channels.

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