Record breaking year for Tourism New Zealand

Tourism New Zealand’s recently released Annual Report for 2015/16 showcases a record year for international inbound tourism numbers, levels of tourist expenditure, referrals to travel partners and industry, and visitors to its digital media sites.

In his foreword for the report, outgoing Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Kevin Bowler said: “The 2015/16 year was an incredible year for Tourism New Zealand. Records were broken across the board with the organisation increasing the value of international tourism to New Zealand.”  

“Tourism New Zealand and the tourism industry as a whole is in a fantastic position and we are well on track to surpass the aspirational goal of $40.1 billion in total tourism revenue, set out in the industry’s Tourism 2025 growth framework.”  

A leading contributor to Tourism New Zealand’s success is its continual evolution of its 100% Pure New Zealand brand and its partnerships in the tourism industry, says Kevin. 

In 2015/16 Tourism New Zealand launched a new, refreshed campaign using the theme ‘every day a different journey’, which targeted the barriers to travel and brought to life the notion that ‘everything in New Zealand is close and that a diverse range of experiences are all within easy reach’.  

Tourism New Zealand also continued its successful approach of securing strategic commercial partnerships, including those with Google and Facebook, various airlines, and travel agencies, and also with influential celebrities to promote New Zealand to different audience groups.  

Australia remained the country’s number one source of visitor arrivals with more than 1.3 million visitors crossing the Tasman; followed closely by China and the US.  

The 2015/16 year also saw Tourism New Zealand take full ownership of Qualmark, the tourism industry’s official mark of quality.  

The 2015/16 Tourism New Zealand Annual Report can be viewed here

Top line results:

  • $10.3 billion contributed to the New Zealand economy by international visitors
  • 3.3 million visitors to New Zealand
  • 33.3 million visits to
  • $4000 spent on average by each visitor to New Zealand
  • 2.8 million referrals to tourism businesses from
  • 2.28 million followers on Facebook
  • $308 million equivalent advertising value of print, online, and broadcast in Tourism New Zealand media
  • 71 bids supported through the Conference Assistance Programme (estimated value of $96.2 million)
  • $50 million worth of incentive travel secured with Amway China
  • 550 international media outlets hosted by Tourism New Zealand in 286 visits
  • 61 major trade events attended by Tourism New Zealand.