Research reveals key drivers to get Kiwis to do something new

New research commissioned by Tourism New Zealand shows 64 per cent of New Zealanders intend to take a domestic holiday within the next year.

Of these, 43 per cent also indicated they intend to spend more on their domestic holiday than they have in the past.

“It’s encouraging to see that more than half of New Zealanders intend to holiday at home within the next year with many planning to spend more than they have previously. This will come as welcome news to the tourism industry,” says Tourism New Zealand’s General Manager Domestic, Bjoern Spreitzer.

The research which set out to understand more about New Zealanders’ behaviours and attitudes towards domestic travel uncovered a number of motivators and potential barriers to travel.

“Understanding the barriers that might be preventing Kiwis from booking a domestic holiday is incredibly useful for us and industry. It means we can address it head on in our work and get the economy moving.”

Over 70 per cent of those surveyed agree there is good or excellent value for money in a domestic holiday, but a small number of New Zealanders (28 per cent) believe that domestic holidays are too expensive and lack value for money.

“The market is adressing this sentiment with operators offering a range of fantastic deals,” says Bjoern.

“Tourism New Zealand is adressing this potential barrier by showcasing a range of tourism experiences in our work that cater to all types of traveller segments and budgets.

“When people travel overseas they tend to spend more because they try new things. We want Kiwis to adopt this mindset to travel in New Zealand and experience our country like they would when they are overseas.”

The data also identified a lack of time as a barrier for many people taking long holidays, with most New Zealanders opting for multiple weekend and short breaks over the next year instead.

“There is a real opportunity here for regional tourism organisations and operators to tap into this and tailor their marketing to those looking for a two to five day getaway.

“We also found that 40 per cent of New Zealanders – mainly singles or couples without children –  intend to travel outside of the school holidays. This will provide a much needed boost to the industry outside of peak times.”

Tourism New Zealand is working hard to support the tourism sector’s recovery by stimulating domestic demand.

It’s activity includes marketing that is driven by insights, supporting industry via the Tourism Advisory Support Service and sharing insights with industry about how to attract and welcome the domestic market.

The findings of this research will help industry understand what New Zealanders are looking for in a domestic holiday to ensure their business is best placed to tap into the New Zealand market.