Research sheds light on Brazilian travellers

Over the last couple of months Tourism New Zealand has undertaken a detailed analysis of Brazil's potential for delivering visitors to New Zealand.

The objective of the research is to understand what actions Tourism New Zealand can take to improve visitor numbers.

The research examined general consumer trends, and the market's size and behaviours, before delving into the defined target market of "emerging considerers".

"Emerging considerers" are people who, like "active considerers", already have a preference for New Zealand as a holiday destination. However, they are further from choosing New Zealand than the active considerer, who already has New Zealand on their holiday wish list.

Understanding "emerging considerers" means understanding their profile; needs, wants and perceptions of holiday destinations and of New Zealand; and how they gather information for making travel decisions.

A summary of the results is below or download the presentation.

  • Reflecting the size of the Brazilian population, Brazil represents a sizeable potential market for New Zealand, as there is a large population of Emerging Considerers and they tend to be wealthier than other long haul travelers
  • Emerging Considerers are relatively evenly spread across age segments, although the older segment are wealthier, but regardless of age travel parties are predominantly couples or families
  • Landscapes and scenery is the key destination attribute but the type of holiday - having fun, relaxing and interacting with friendly, local people is also important
    New Zealand is not differentiated on the most relevant attributes and in some segments  actually lags competitors on some of New Zealand's traditional strengths such as landscape - especially in the attractive 50+ segment
  • New Zealand is also undifferentiated against Australia, which is a major competitor especially with the 50+ segment
  • The activities that Emerging Considerers are more interested in are generally outdoor activities, but they tend to be more passive, such as taking a scenic boat ride
  • Although only a small proportion of Emerging Considerers travel specifically to undertake an activity, there are some niches that New Zealand could exploit such as mountain biking, fishing and hiking
  • While travel preferences for Emerging Considerers are experiential, there is a preference for package travel, possibly due to the popularity of deferred payment in Brazil
  • While Emerging Considerers are large users of the Internet,  offline channels, including TV shows,  are important channels for getting information about getting around and what to see and do
  • Offline sources are still important in the booking and payment process
    Emerging Considerers are vociferous users of Social Media, especially Facebook and Twitter, and a high proportion follow brands on Social Media