Research shows 25,000 arrivals from Latin America in past 12 months

Tourism New Zealand has completed an initial study into the Latin American market, following a significant increase in funding dedicated to growing arrivals to New Zealand from new markets.

The analysis of the emerging Latin American market shows it has generated approximately 25,000 arrivals and $72 million in tourism expenditure over the last 12 months.

View the full Latin American market presentation here.

The Latin America market, which comprises Argentina, Brazil, Chile & Mexico, has been identified as one of three emerging markets forecast to provide enormous opportunity for New Zealand in the longer-term.  Tourism New Zealand is committed to investing early to both build demand and accelerate the development of quality visitor arrivals from these "emerging" markets, which also include India and Indonesia.

Many Latin American countries are development markets with improving economies and growing trade links with New Zealand. For example, Brazil's economy has already exceeded the UK's and is expected to grow 4.4 per cent, on average, between 2012-16 (Grant Thornton International Business Report 2012).

Key information includes:

  • Of the Latin American markets, Brazil provides the largest volume of holiday arrivals ranking 24th out of all markets, followed by Argentina (30th), Chile (36th) and Mexico (37th).
  • The majority of Latin American visitors are independent tourists who come to New
    Zealand for holiday purposes.
  • Typically around 50% are aged between 20 and 39, although Argentinean tourists have a secondary peak between the ages of 40 and 59.
  • Most visitors from these Latin American markets are dual destination tourists and
    most include Australia as the main dual destination.
  • Between 20% and 40% are backpackers - compared to an average 15% of holiday tourists from all other markets backpacking during the same period.

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