Sentencing welcomed for companies misleading Asian visitors

Tourism New Zealand today welcomed the conviction of companies Top Sky Holdings Limited and Kiwi Wool Limited for breaches of the Fair Trading Act and consequent fines totalling $259,000.

The charges relate to occasions when Asian visitors on group tours were misled regarding the products they purchased from these shops.

Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Kevin Bowler says the sentencing is good news for the entire industry.

"The delivery of a quality visitor experience is extremely important to everyone in the tourism industry and visitors leaving the country feeling they have been deceived could have a negative impact on this country's reputation.

"TNZ is very pleased to see that the Commerce Commission has acted to hold to account individuals and companies for illegal practices that breach the requirements of the Fair Trading Act. 

"This sends a clear message that the NZ government will not tolerate unlawful activities undertaken by New Zealand businesses to exploit international visitors for financial gain."

Read the Commerce Commission press release here and the Associate Tourism Minister Chris Tremain's response here.