Showcasing our new campaign at TRENZ

It's that time of the year when many of our people head to TRENZ with their international media and trade partners. As New Zealand's biggest international tourism event, TRENZ is the time to highlight New Zealand's points of difference and show why visitors should choose New Zealand as their holiday destination.

With 350 international travel buyers attending, including buyers from Tourism New Zealand's prioritised emerging markets of India,Indonesia and Brazil, these four days at TRENZ are a time for face-to-face meetings to seek out and develop new relationships and to negotiate new business.

It is good to see the event returning to Rotorua, the birthplace of tourism in New Zealand and I know the organisers won't miss the opportunity to showcase the huge diversity of visitor experiences and landscapes around the area.

With so many buyers and sellers gathered in one place, TRENZ is also the perfect opportunity for us to share our refreshed 100% Pure New Zealand campaign before it is launched fully to consumers in July.

It's hard to follow Middle-earth and the success of the Hobbit but I believe that what we have done captures a distinctive New Zealand feel and voice better than ever before. As Pania Tyson-Nathan said, it infuses more 'New Zealandness' into our brand.

There are two new elements to our latest work - a stunning new commercial for television, on-line and cinema, and a truly unique new visual identity. The commercial reinforces our message of 'closeness'; how everything is within easy reach, allowing every day to become a different journey. What we are doing is redefining our unique selling proposition that will sit at the heart of our work and that is "everything close".

The other part of our refreshed campaign is the development of a new visual identity, a new font for 100% Pure New Zealand. The result is a one-off design with nothing quite like it.  The new logo has literally been carved from kauri by master carver Rangi Kipa, working with New Zealand typographer Kris Sowersby to develop an identity which has an earthiness about it that totally reflects who we are as a people and a nation. 

It has been a spectacular summer for the tourism industry and there is a feeling of great positivity out there, but there are issues facing our industry that we cannot ignore and TRENZ is also an opportunity to talk a little about some of those issues and how we are responding.  The biggest change we're driving as a response to the peak demand we're expecting, is a big shift to promoting shoulder season travel.  This will somewhat ease the pressure over peak months, and allow us to keep growing profitably. 

Kevin Bowler

Chief Executive