Ski season boosts holiday numbers in August

August was a boom month for holidaymakers coming to New Zealand according to the latest International Travel and Migration figures

More than 116,000 visitors holidayed in New Zealand last month (up 6% on August 2016).  

For the year ending August 2017, holiday numbers have reached record levels with 1,912,400 holiday visitors travelling here (up 10.6% on YE August 2016).  

Australians made up the majority of holidaymakers with 46,448 flying across the ditch (up 5.1% on last year – many for ski holidays. Encouragingly, August saw a huge increase in the number of Chinese visitors holidaying here (21,056; up 10.3% on August 2016 – although still 3.5% down YE August 2016), and Japan also had a month of strong growth after several quiet months (with holiday arrivals up 7.4% on August 2016). 

There was a drop in the total number of visitors from the USA and Canada (down 22.9% and 6.5% respectively, largely due to the hiatus of American Airlines and United Airlines services between the US and New Zealand compared to last year). 

In a quirky first, there was a 225% jump in the number of Indonesian holidaymakers travelling here in August (1,616).  

Overall 233,991 international visitors arrived here in August (up 6% on August 2016) bringing the total number of international visitors for the year-ending August 2017 to 3,670,087 (up 9.3% on YE August 2016).  

Overall winter (Jun-Aug) holiday arrivals were 345,776, +9.3% on last year.  

For YE August 2017 

  • Total arrivals were 3,670,087, up 9.3% on LY 

  • Holiday arrivals were 1,912,400, up 10.6% on LY 

For the month of August 2017 

  • Total arrivals were 233,991 up 5.8% on LY 

  • Holiday arrivals were 116,096 up 6.4% on LY