Special interest activities continuing to deliver for New Zealand

New Zealand’s golf, cycling, walking & hiking, ski and food and wine offering is continuing to attract international visitors who stay longer, visit more regions and spend more.

“We specifically market a range of special interest sectors because we know that international visitors who come to New Zealand to experience them come outside of peak and visit more regions,” says Stephen England- Hall, Tourism Chief Executive.

“This directly supports our work to spread the benefits of tourism across all New Zealand communities and spread visitation across the year.”

“Visitors who travel to New Zealand to undertake special interest activities also tend to stay a lot longer and spend more and this also supports our work to attract high value visitors.”

Tourism New Zealand has created a new infographic containing bite sized information about visitors who travel to experience special interest activities.

“The information is really valuable in guiding our work and also to support industry in theirs. It highlights the value of special interest activities and identifies where there are real opportunities to create and leverage experiences that we know international visitors are seeking.”

“For instance, data shows that nearly half of the 170k plus people who travelled here to play golf and cycle incorporated a vineyard experience into their stay. This is much higher than a regular visitor and represents a huge pool of people that the industry can further attract to our great wine and food offerings.”

“It also identifies areas for product development that the industry can utilise to grow their business.”

View the full special interest sector infographic.

The information was sourced from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s International Visitor Survey.