Spring 2017 strongest yet for international holiday arrivals

Spring 2017 has been our strongest yet for spring holiday arrivals. New Zealand welcomed a total of 883,397 international visitors from 1 September to 30 November 2017. This includes a 7.1 percent increase in holiday arrivals.

Photo: Hagley Park, Christchurch (Julian Apse)

The latest International Visitor Arrivals data released by Stats NZ today shows that visitor arrivals were up 8 percent for the month of November compared with last year.

“This is a fantastic sign that the seasonal dispersal approach we are taking to market New Zealand as a tourism destination is working,” says Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive, Stephen England-Hall.

“Seasonal dispersal is a key strategic priority for Tourism New Zealand to ensure that the benefits of tourism are felt throughout the year rather than during a single peak period.”

Tourism New Zealand no longer markets the peak summer season, focusing instead on New Zealand primarily as a spring and autumn destination.

“By smoothing out the tourism peak through the year, it means more jobs for New Zealanders and greater investment in local businesses across the seasons.

“I would like to see the number of international visitor arrivals in autumn and spring to grow even further over coming years.”

Holiday arrivals were particularly strong from the China and United Kingdom in spring 2017, up 14.0 percent and 13.5 percent respectively.

Brazil, as an emerging visitor market, had an increase more than 50.5 percent for spring holiday arrivals.