Targeting our traditional markets

A raft of activity has been kicked off in the United Kingdom and Germany to target visitors from the traditional western and long haul markets.

General Manager Western Markets Long Haul, Gregg Anderson, says; "Our traditional markets continue to present significant opportunities. With a combined total of almost 294,000 UK and German visitors last year we know that engagement within these markets is high.

"Both of our new campaigns see us build on activity that delivered strong results in 2011 - allowing us to further leverage the strong engagement levels they generated."

Launched in January in the UK, How would a trip to 100% Pure New Zealand make you feel? uses five emotive variations to engage with travellers - Romance and Luxury, Adventure, Inspiration, Refreshment & Nature.

Gregg says, "this follows a similar creative approach to activity that delivered 36,871 visits to and 4,633 referrals in September - November from the UK. We know that this approach is successful and will help us maximize the reach of this new campaign in this market."

Running across a prime booking period, the activity leverages the revitalized interest in New Zealand following the Rugby World Cup with strong creative positioning and competitive air fares through campaign partner Air New Zealand. Using banner ads online, the five emotive variations will rotate three different travel deal packages, which will be monitored throughout the campaign to see which deal captures the most attention for future activity.

In Germany, the new campaign will use imagery and activity generated during comedian Bernard Hoëcker's ten day 'guided tour' around New Zealand as voted on by his German You Tube, Facebook and Twitter followers. This will work to build on the engagement results achieved since Hoëcker's visit to New Zealand last year, which has so far delivered 309,850 visits to, over 31,000 referrals and over 7,000 likes on Facebook.

The campaign will use three creative executions, all featuring images of Hoëcker from his holiday, and will promote three travel offers provided through campaign partner Air New Zealand.  Similar to the UK campaign these offers will be monitored during the campaign with the view to optimizing against the highest performing offer.

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