The Late Show with Stephen Colbert gets 100% Pure NZ Welcome from NZ

A 100% Pure NZ Welcome doesn’t get more authentic than being picked up from the airport by the Prime Minister followed by a BBQ at her place attended by Lorde.

The Hobbit scene recreated during the visit

The airport pick up and BBQ was the first of the New Zealand themed ‘The Late Show’ segments. It aired last night to an audience of around 3.5 million in the USA.

Global tourism is softening and arrivals to New Zealand are slowing down. 

“Tourism supports many of our communities, it employs one in seven Kiwis, it’s our top export earner, and it’s a significant contributor to conservation as well as economy. It’s incredibly important we keep it that way. The USA is one of our largest markets, its one of the only markets that is still showing signs of growth, so we jumped on the chance to work with the show," says Stephen England-Hall, Chief Executive, Tourism New Zealand.

Tourism New Zealand invested $104k to bring the show to New Zealand that will result in five segments reaching 3.5 million people each night. Its expected to generate over $5 million in advertising value. The investment is a tiny fraction of the organisations overall marketing spend. 

“The investment versus the return is significant and we were over the moon to get the support of so many Kiwis like the Prime Minister and some other famous faces to help make it pretty special.

“Kiwis should tune in to see who else they can spot, you never know who might turn up!”

The episodes air one day after they air in the US in New Zealand at 10.30pm on Prime.

The idea for the visit started in September 2018, when New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern appeared on his show and extended to Colbert, who is a huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, the offer to become a citizen of Hobbiton.

The shows will feature:

  • Interview with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
  • “Lord of the Rings” Spinoff with Peter Jackson
  • Wellington with Lucy Lawless and Bret McKenzie
  • Rugby Lessons with Legends from the All Blacks