The US visitor laid out in pictures

Latest data from Tourism New Zealand shows that Auckland and Queenstown are New Zealand's regions of choice for US visitors, capturing 45 per cent of all the market's expenditure between them.

Tourism New Zealand has released a new infographic on the US market visitor profile, portraying the data and behaviours of arrivals in pictorial graphics.

It shows that the proximity of New Zealand to the US West Coast translates directly into visitor arrivals with 22 per cent of all visitors coming from California.

The work also shows that 59 per cent of all arrivals to New Zealand are here on holiday and that 18 per cent of visitors were here as a cruise transit or cruise exchange, highlighting the increasing prominence of the cruise visitor.

Tourism New Zealand's infographics are one part of its work to support the New Zealand industry to gain the information they need to understand the visitor market.

They present information from a range of data sources in easy to understand pictorial graphics that can also be used by industry in their own presentations and documents.

In the coming weeks, more infographics will be released for the Australian, UK, Germany and Japan.

From the profile:

  • The USA is New Zealand's third largest visitor market, with California, New York and Florida out top three source states.
  • 22% of all arrivals come from California
  • 59% of all arrivals are here on holiday
  • Average visitor stay is 18 days while average holiday stay is 14 days
  • US visitors are most likely to take in a scenic boat cruise, visit a beach or go walking and hiking.
  • A key visitor segment for Tourism New Zealand for this market is the Independent Explorer aged between 45-65 (36% of the holiday market).
  • 15% of all US visitors come in February.
  • One in five holiday visitors state The Hobbit trilogy was a factor in their choosing New Zealand as a destination.
  • Auckland and Queenstown receive 45% of all US visitor spend
  • 20% are repeat visitors to New Zealand and 81% are independent travellers
  • 18% of US visitor had Cruise as part of their itinerary