TNZ Facebook community exceeds staggering 2.25 million fans!

Tourism New Zealand has hit a new social media milestone – with its 100% Pure New Zealand Facebook page reaching 2 million fans, while its official Instagram account hits more than 253 thousand.

Director of Marketing Andrew Fraser says the result is a strong endorsement from potential travellers and holiday makers and is a fantastic way to kick off the new year.

“With social media at the heart of all our marketing activity these results are a significant achievement and reinforce the reach these platforms have,” says Andrew.

“To put it into context, our 2 million Facebook followers put us in the top 10 NZ Facebook pages – right up there with the All Blacks!

“We continue to make greater and more targeted use of these channels.  The beauty of social media is that it enables us to engage with individuals at different stages of the holiday cycle, be it during planning or while they are here, and tailor our activity to fit with their changing requirements.”

With Instagram, users are often potential travellers in the dreaming phase of planning and this channel is used to inspire them by sharing authentic New Zealand travel photos captured by existing advocates and visitors.

“Our Instagram presence has really picked up pace. While it took 12 months to reach 100k followers, it has taken only two months to grow from 200k to more than 250k, reflecting the rapid adoption rate of the platform globally. Significantly, this is happening organically with users interacting with other travellers’ posts of their time in New Zealand.”

Tourism businesses can tap into this success by using the hashtag #NZMustDo on their own Instagram posts to help other users to discover their content.

Facebook enables Tourism New Zealand to engage with visitors further in the holiday planning cycle, with the opportunity to tailor content to specifically address key barriers to planning a holiday.

“Using sequential story telling we effectively shifted a barrier our potential visitors have about what there is to see and do in New Zealand, and how easy it is to get around. In our top three markets we saw a strong change in perception. For example, the percentage of Americans actively considering visiting New Zealand who believe NZ is easy to get around moved from 49 per cent in Q3 FY14, to 59 per cent in Q3 FY15. 

“This summer we have also started targeting international visitors when they are in New Zealand. This is proving a great way to spread our safer driving messages over summer ensuring visitors have access to all the information they need while they are here exploring.”

With the platforms evolving at a rapid pace Tourism New Zealand is focused on using the new and exciting techniques to interact with travellers in ways that resonate and deliver results.

“Our use of social media will continue to be about facilitating a conversation that brings New Zealand to life through images, videos and the comments of others. I look forward to seeing how we expand our reach even further during 2016.”