Top Māori design award for 100% Pure update

Tourism New Zealand has picked up the top Māori design award for the update of the globally successful 100% Pure brand that incorporates a unique new typeface carved from native kauri. 

Work on the ‘Pure Pākati’ typeface and brand system won the Purple Pin ‘best of the best’ in the Ngā Aho category of the New Zealand Design Awards. Ngā Aho is a partnership between the Designers Institute of New Zealand and Ngā Aho Inc, the national society of Māori designers.

The brand work was a collaboration between some of New Zealand's leading Pākehā and Māori designers and between Tourism New Zealand and New Zealand Māori Tourism.  The ‘Pure Pākati’ typeface was designed by Kris Sowersby who also won a prestigious Black Pin at the awards, a recognition which usually goes to designers much later in their career.

Judges described the brand refresh as “a
strategically significant piece of work in positioning New Zealand strongly on the global stage that does so in a way that speaks of who we are and where we are by drawing upon our indigenous culture as a point of distinction.”

This judges said that the Tourism New Zealand work demonstrated rich and meaningful collaboration between Māori and non-Māori designers and between designers, the client and stakeholders. It was a foundational piece of work ‘on which our national tourism brand and campaigns can continue to evolve’, they said.

Tourism New Zealand’s Director of Marketing Andrew Fraser said it was a great honour to receive the Ngā Aho award. “The 100% Pure New Zealand campaign is arguably the most successful tourism campaign globally, but the work that’s been done to evolve it to something that is unmistakably from Aotearoa has added new depth and meaning.

It is truly New Zealand and we are confident that no one else in the world has created their identity design quite like this. 

“The refresh of our brand began with the new logo and type face, ‘Pure Pākati’and more recently we have worked with our partners to uncover and tell more of our unique stories. The stories and short films we have created, Stories of Aotearoa, are further commitment to adding more ‘New Zealandnesss’ to the brand,” said Andrew.