Tourism New Zealand announces ambitious plans to enrich New Zealand

Tourism New Zealand has announced plans to evolve the 100% Pure brand, take an active role in helping regions grow by $1 billion per annum*, and ensure that growth is sustainable and enriches New Zealand.

Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive, Stephen England-Hall presents at TRENZ 2018

Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive, Stephen England-Hall says “Tourism growth is a global phenomenon that has delivered benefits for New Zealand. However, the success of the past is no guarantee of the future. We collectively need to do things differently to ensure that future growth is sustainable and enriching for the long-term benefit of New Zealand.”

“Tourism New Zealand has an increasingly important role to play in sustaining growth, both in attracting the best visitors for New Zealand and in preparing New Zealand to benefit socially, environmentally and economically from that growth.”

“Over the coming months Tourism New Zealand will source and share new valuable visitor insights with industry and government to guide decision making and identify opportunities.”

This includes obtaining detailed information about international visitor activity when they are in the country - where are they going, what are they spending their money on and what do they want to experience.

“Information is the key to informing smart investment in tourism infrastructure and product development decisions and we are really excited to play more of a role in this.”

The information will also be used to inform campaign work and marketing and storytelling workshops for industry to ensure visitors include regional visits into their holidays.

“Tourism New Zealand will help regional tourism grow by $1 billion per annum more than current numbers by developing, implementing and promoting strategies that are inclusive of our regions as well as the gateways that connect them to the world.”

England-Hall also announced changes ahead for the iconic 100% Pure Tourism New Zealand brand.

“The brand is incredibly successful, showcasing the country’s landscapes and scenery and has worked because it reinforces the key reasons visitors choose New Zealand.

“What it doesn’t do is showcase New Zealand’s unique people and culture, our way of being, our warm welcome. This is what we know stays with people after they have visited, and becomes the essence of our brand that people share and talk about long after they return to their country.”

Tourism New Zealand is working with Māori Tourism and will talk to a range of stakeholders over the coming months to incorporate people and culture into New Zealand’s tourism brand.

“It’s incredibly important we get this right. Our people and culture are diverse and multifaceted and we need to make sure we capture this authentically and deliver something Kiwis will embrace.”

The plans were announced at the annual TRENZ event in Dunedin this morning.

*from 2023