Tourism New Zealand campaign awarded ‘world’s most effective global marketing campaign’  

Tourism New Zealand’s Good Morning World campaign has been awarded a prestigious Global Effie: Multi-Region competition.

This is the first time a New Zealand campaign has been recognised for this award in the competition’s 16-year history. 

“I am incredibly proud of all those involved in the work including the many Kiwis and industry players who appear in the campaign,” says Stephen England-Hall Chief Executive.  

"Good Morning World is the highest performing campaign that Tourism New Zealand has ever produced by creating long-term brand building and short-term motivation in consumers." 

The Global Effie Awards honour the most effective marketing efforts that run across multiple regions worldwide. On 1 October it will be announced if Tourism New Zealand will be awarded the gold, silver or bronze for the Effie. 

The campaign, developed by Tourism New Zealand alongside Australian and New Zealand agency Special Group, featured every day and a few notable Kiwis saying ‘Good Morning’ to the world from around New Zealand for an entire year.