Tourism New Zealand encourages consultation on levy

Tourism New Zealand welcomes the opening of consultation on the Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy announced by Government today and encourages industry to participate in the process.

The proposed International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) would apply a fee of between $25 and $35 on most international visitors.

Government estimates predict the levy could generate $57-80 million per annum to help fund tourism infrastructure and conservation initiatives and support the country’s ability to cope with increasing visitor numbers.

“The proposed link between this levy, and improvements  to conservation estate infrastructure is an important one. We need to ensure that tourism enriches New Zealand for the future enjoyment of Kiwis and international visitors and that the country has infrastructure to support tourism growth” says Stephen England-Hall, Chief Executive of Tourism New Zealand.

“To ensure New Zealand remains competitive, the impact if any of cumulative costs for visitors like the levy, differential DOC pricing and proposed bed taxes will need to be closely monitored to ensure visitor on the ground spend is not impacted.”

“Our focus remains firmly on promoting New Zealand as a top destination in an increasingly competitive tourism market, and collaborating to improve the visitor experience.”

Further information about the consultation process can be found at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment website.