Tourism New Zealand endorses Tourism 2025

Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Kevin Bowler has welcomed the Tourism Industry Association's new framework Tourism 2025 - Growing Value Together.

The framework was launched today at the Tourism Industry Association's annual summit in Wellington.

Kevin says the framework provides direction and a focused approach for the industry, critical to achieving its common objective: long-term, enduring, value-based growth.

"Change in this industry is constant and as a collective, we need to be constantly re-visiting and re-evaluating what we are doing in order to adapt.

"This framework is the result of many months of intensive work, investigation and debate across the sector, with Tourism New Zealand playing its part as the agency responsible for marketing New Zealand internationally as a visitor destination. The results provide the 'big picture' thinking that the whole industry can come in behind."

The commitment from leaders across the industry to the production of the framework is itself a very positive development for a diverse and large sector such as tourism.  The level of engagement and co-operation is a strong indicator that the output of this work has the buy-in of a wide constituency.  

Kevin says Tourism 2025, whilst broader in its nature, is very complimentary to the recently published Tourism New Zealand three year strategy. Themes emphasising the importance of air connectivity, high value visitors, and delivering a quality visitor experience, are at the heart of both pieces of work.

"Tourism New Zealand will continue to work closely with TIA and the sector to identify new or strengthened initiatives that can maximise tourism's contribution to New Zealand's economic well-being."

Contact Leah Phelps, Senior Communications Advisor, Tourism New Zealand; phone +64 21 843 896