Tourism New Zealand launches revamped online training programme

Tourism New Zealand has revised and reworked its online trade training programme, and launched the new 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme.

The 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme is a core part of Tourism New Zealand's work with travel agents offshore and offers travel professionals the chance to build in-depth destination knowledge, get the latest product updates and in turn, grow their New Zealand sales.

Justin Watson, General Manager of Marketing Communications says the enhanced programme, combined with in market training, offers travel sellers the most effective and efficient training possible for improving their knowledge on New Zealand and the tourism product available. 

"The programme has been run in different forms for a number of years and has evolved significantly over that time," says Justin.

"With this revision we have developed new interactive online training modules to make them more dynamic, visually engaging and easier to use."

The programme also has a new name and logo - 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme, bringing it in line with Tourism New Zealand's global marketing campaign.

Justin says the new programme has been shaped by industry feedback, after it was trialled by around 130 agents from across the world.

"As such, we are really confident we have a programme that will meet the needs of industry."

The programme's launch comes on the back of one of the biggest trade familiarisation trips ever to happen in New Zealand. Around 400 agents from Australia, the UK, Europe, North America and Mexico spent between 5-10 days in New Zealand travelling on one of 24 different itineraries.

In order to become a 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist, travel agents need to complete 10 of the new training modules, attend a Tourism New Zealand led training session and visit New Zealand. Specialist status is then granted for two years.

After two years, agents' specialist status will automatically roll-over provided agents have completed a further two modules and attended an additional Tourism New Zealand training session since gaining specialist status. 

For further information on the programme and Tourism New Zealand's training initiatives visit the Travel Trade Website.