Tourism New Zealand makes changes to leadership team structure

Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Kevin Bowler has announced changes to the structure of his leadership team as a result of the organisation's expanded areas of focus. 

Kevin says that TNZ is becoming a larger, more complex organisation and has a broader range of focus areas than before.

"This new priorities being pursued by Tourism New Zealand led me to review our leadership structure, to make sure it can deliver the most effective and efficient leadership possible and ensure everyone's time is spent more efficiently."

The new Core Leadership Team will consist of two Director roles and three General Manager (GM) roles: a Director of Marketing, Director of Trade, PR and Major Events, along with the current GMs of People; Corporate Affairs and Finance/IT.

TNZ's current GM Marketing Communications, Justin Watson has been appointed to the role Director of Trade, PR and Major Events.  The off-shore Regional General Managers will report to Justin Watson in the new structure, as will the areas of PR, major events, premium, trade, and international business events. 

Catherine Bates will assume responsibility for the PR and Major Events work, reporting to Justin in this structure.

Andrew Fraser is acting in the Director of Marketing role while a permanent appointment is found.  

These changes are effective immediately.

Kevin says that the new structure will allow him to focus more on working with Tourism New Zealand's partners in the industry, both in New Zealand and off-shore while supporting the business to better meet the objectives of its new three-year marketing strategy.