Tourism numbers warm the first month of winter

Tourism New Zealand welcomes today’s latest arrivals data for June and reflects on a solid year of growth as it moves into a new financial year.

Winter holiday in Aotearoa

Holiday arrivals have increased by a whopping 16.1% for the year ending June with two successful off-peak seasons (spring and autumn) flanking the best summer ever for arrivals.

Tourism New Zealand’s General Manager Corporate Affairs Deborah Gray welcomes the continued boost to the New Zealand economy that the increased tourism value is supplying.

“Aotearoa boasts such a wealth of attractions and experiences throughout the country at any time of year. We’re pleased to see that the result of our marketing efforts to attract more visitors in the shoulder seasons has continued into the first month of winter with June holiday arrivals up 20.5% over the same month last year.”

“Putting this into actual numbers we welcomed 15,000 additional holiday visitors to the country in June which, at a current average spend of $3,500 per visitor equates to an incremental $53 million for the New Zealand economy in June.”

“The increase is also spread well across our market portfolio suggesting that our key marketing messages are being successfully received; New Zealand is a superb holiday destination at any time of year.”

 “If we zoom in a little closer we’ve got an incremental 2,000 holiday visitors for the month of June this year in each of our key markets of Australia (2,656), China (2,128) and USA (2,160).”

 “We have also seen growth of 22% and 15% in holiday arrivals from our target emerging markets of India and Indonesia respectively for the year ending June 2016.


Tourism New Zealand markets New Zealand to the world as a visitor destination. In the year ending June 2016, 3.3 million international visitors came to New Zealand. International tourism is one of New Zealand’s largest earners of foreign exchange, adding approximately NZ$11.8 billion annually to the nation’s economy.