Travelator lets Aussie travellers discover North Island’s hidden gems

A New Zealand themed 'travelator' is giving Australian travellers a virtual encounter of the experiences that await them in Tourism New Zealand's new North Island touring campaign.

Launched today in partnership with Qantas, the 27 metre 'New Zealand travelator' will take the shape of an aircraft fuselage, positioned over the travelator near Gate 7 at Sydney Domestic Airport.

As travellers walk onto the travelator and through the fuselage they will be taken on an experiential journey of the North Island. Images of the North Island's 'hidden gems' including Waitomo Caves, Waiheke Island, Waipoua Forest and Tongariro Crossing will feature on the inside of the aircraft windows. Relaxing music with nature sounds will fill the travelator.

Qantas retail offers will also appear on the windows and update weekly.

"This is an exciting and unique initiative to support our North Island touring campaign which launched last month. We are really looking to drive interest and increase visitors from one of our top tier markets," says Tim Burgess, General Manager Australia. 

The 'travelator' has been created to leverage previous campaign activity promoting the North Island touring campaign which included a train station take-over in Sydney and full tram wraps in Melbourne. A 30 second video, including footage of the 'travelator' in action and of the North Island, will run in the Qantas in-flight 'Welcome Aboard' segment, which is screened to more than 700,000 domestic travellers each month.

"The 'Travelator' will remain at the airport for six weeks allowing us to reach a large number of travellers that fall within our Active Considerer segment," says Tim.

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