Unique New Zealand on show to 37 million in Brazil

Around 37 million people are expected to tune into an hour long show dedicated to New Zealand this week.

Brazilian TV show ‘Camera Record’ filmed in New Zealand for two weeks in June visiting Queenstown, Akaroa, Kaikoura, Wellington, Waitomo, Rotorua and Whakatane.

“The show wanted to feature New Zealand’s unique wildlife, geothermal areas and Maori culture” says Bjoern Spreitzer General Manager Americas and Europe.

“We worked with regional tourism offices and operators across the country to give the show access to some unique and memorable activities such as going bush and tracking a kiwi and spending time with a Whakatane school dedicated to the development of Maori language.”

“The crew really enjoyed the interactive and varied experiences they got to take part in especially the school visit where they received a traditional whakatau (welcome) and the close encounters they had with dolphins, kiwi and penguin.”

“We are really pleased with the coverage that New Zealand will gain from the airtime. An audience over eight times the size of New Zealand’s entire population will see the show and that is priceless.”

View clips from the Camera Record New Zealand feature here. 

Brazil is a market showing steady growth with flights to New Zealand from nearby Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile, with plans to extend the service.

Since December 2015, arrivals from Brazil and Argentina have grown around 51% with nearly 30,800 visiting New Zealand.

Research shows that the Brazilian market are keen to travel to countries where they can visit beaches and urban areas and experience arts, culture, adventure activities and good wine and food.

“New Zealand offers all these things so it was good to be able to show off a range of regions across the country through the episode. This supports our core work to spread visitation across the country.”

Marcus Reis, host of Camera Record said “New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I’ve now landed inside a volcano, swam with dolphins, had a mud bath. What amazed me the most is that usually my job allows me to experience some attractions that not everyone is able to experience, but in New Zealand all attractions are available to all the people. This is the greatest achievement a country can offer to its people: the possibility to share its richness.”