Update on Kaikoura earthquake

Tourism New Zealand has been working solidly to mitigate any effects of the Kaikoura earthquake on the tourism industry. Our international trade and PR teams are sharing the message that New Zealand is a safe place to visit and the message is getting through.

We know people in the industry want the most up to date information and messaging to ensure they can communicate with the customers. Tourism New Zealand is constantly monitoring media and social media as well as keeping in touch with our overseas trade partners. Here’s a quick update.


Coverage has been widespread in all key markets but tone, accuracy and nature has been broadly fair and factual. The support received from other nations, and the rescue of the three stranded cows, has given rise to a positive tone in reporting. There was no need for any market to issue statements to correct facts.

Coverage tapered off quickly with nothing of note from most markets since last Friday.

There are some good examples of positive reporting, such as this from the Telegraph, this from Travel Daily and this from KarryOn.

Social media:

Social media coverage went global in the first hours. Concern initially focussed on Christchurch, with people linking back to 2011. On Tuesday posts moved to Wellington and Kaikoura.

There were significant links to the evacuation of tourists.

Within four days, discussion on safety in New Zealand returned to normal levels.

Reports from trade partners:

There were naturally a lot of contacts made to Tourism New Zealand’s trade team. While all markets have been fielding calls from the trade, they report people are seeking to alter, rather than cancel, travel plans.

The UK, Germany, USA and Australia are not reporting any significant trade concern.

There has been some concern among some the eastern markets but extensive work from our overseas offices and partners such as Air New Zealand has reassured most sellers in those markets.  


It is extremely important that we are consistent in our messages to our international markets. The Visitor Sector Emergency Action Group has approved the following messages on our Corporate Website. Please use them when talking to your customers and media.