USA image testing reveals opportunities

Coastal scenes, hot pools, fiords, wildlife and Hobbiton appeal to most American holidaymakers – all activities that can be enjoyed in the off-peak season.

Recent image testing with around 2,500 Americans actively considering a holiday in New Zealand has just been completed.

“The outcome was really valuable, telling us that similar images appeal almost equally to most areas of the country. It also revealed that the images depicting activities that can be enjoyed in all seasons were popular,” says Bjoern Spreitzer, General Manager, Europe and Americas.

“This information alongside other existing data tells us there is an opportunity to push off-peak travel, particularly in the South and target people actively considering a holiday who are open to visiting in autumn.”

Tourism New Zealand’s entire marketing budget is dedicated to encouraging people to visit New Zealand in autumn and spring. This spreads visitation across the year benefiting communities year round through sustained tourism spend.

“There are around 29 million people actively considering visiting New Zealand in the USA, it’s a huge market and data like this helps give our marketing the edge. The information is also valuable for the New Zealand industry in helping them attract American visitors to their product offerings.”

The research also revealed that images that show visitors interacting with Māori culture and food and wine experiences perform better than those without the interactive element.

“We will utilise this information in our future work to ensure New Zealand continues to appeal to the US market.”

The United States is New Zealand's third-largest international tourism market. Visitor numbers from the US on are on the rise due to increased air capacity and more direct airline routes.

Image testing for the China, Japan, Brazil and Argentina markets will be completed over the coming months. Images that the research shows work well are available for use via the Tourism New Zealand visual library.