User-generated backpacker campaign a first for TNZ

Tourism New Zealand has launched a new campaign aimed at inspiring the lucrative backpacker to visit New Zealand and is using real backpacker experiences to do it. 

The campaign marks the first time that Tourism New Zealand has featured user generated content in its marketing campaign with all video content and imagery handpicked from real international backpackers pieced together to tell an engaging story about why backpackers should visit New Zealand.

The campaign features around the backpacker-specific ‘Play more every day’ proposition showcasing the wide range of experiences on offer in a backpacking getaway in New Zealand.

Tourism New Zealand Director of Marketing Andrew Fraser says, “This is an exciting first for Tourism New Zealand. What better way to showcase the amazing experiences of offer than by showing real travellers authentic experiences.”

“It is an exciting time for Tourism New Zealand in the backpacker space. Over the past few months we have been reviewing our approach to the backpacker segment to refine our understanding of this lucrative market.”

The new campaign will work to target the over half a million international backpackers already in Australia to make sure they don’t head home without seeing New Zealand.

In the year ending December 2014, Australia attracted around 560,000 international backpacker arrivals (excluding Kiwis) of which less than ten per cent went on to travel to New Zealand.

“This tells us that there is a significant group of backpackers that are coming as far as Australia and leaving without visiting New Zealand,” says Andrew.

Through our global partnership with Facebook the new campaign will be run entirely on the social media platform where we will be geo-targeting international backpackers already in Australia and serving them up engaging content to inspire them to cross the ditch and experience New Zealand.

The backpacker segment is an incredibly valuable target market for New Zealand. They account for over 159,000 visitors to New Zealand a year, which equates to around 11 per cent of total holiday arrivals and have an average spend per visitor of over $3,700.

However the value of the backpacker goes far beyond arrivals and expenditure. They stay on average 31.3 days – significantly more than your average holiday visitor. They participate in more paid activities, travel more widely throughout the regions and outside the peak season.

Our partnership with STA continues to be a core element in our backpacker activity and we will also be launching joint venture campaigns with STA Travel and Backpacker by STA Travel stores in April.

You can check out the new campaign video here, read more about the changes to our strategy here or check out the recently updated backpacker section of the website here.