Visitor feedback highlights opportunities for industry

Data sourced from international visitors will help the New Zealand tourism industry continue to meet expectations and identify new opportunities, says Tourism New Zealand.

Tourism New Zealand has created an infographic for industry using key information from the International Visitor Survey to March 2017. It contains bite sized info from international visitors that industry can use to continue to deliver a great experience.

“It’s fantastic that the vast majority of new visitor experience data is overwhelmingly positive – with 9 out of 10 International visitors being satisfied with their New Zealand experience and 94 per cent saying their trip met or exceeded expectations,” says Stephen England-Hall,  Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive. 

“It’s a real pat on the back to the industry and wider New Zealand for providing our visitors with such a great experience.”

“The data also showed areas of opportunity where we can further deliver for international visitors – for example: tour guide operations and food and beverages. Providing an experience that ticks all the boxes is key to ensuring visitors recommend New Zealand as a destination to family and friends. Continuing to improve our visitor economy also pays dividends for New Zealanders too.”

Tourism New Zealand commissions and analyses a range of international visitor information. This is used to guide marketing work and is also share with industry to support them in delivering a fantastic visitor experience.

“Great visitor insights help us to really understand our audiences – especially important when we are targeting a range of markets and sectors across the world that can have very different expectations.”

“Ensuring visitors return to their home and act as brand ambassadors is essential to the country remaining a desirable destination. We can’t forget that New Zealand is a long-haul, premium-priced destination with a strong, niche appeal in most overseas markets. Because of this, we rely heavily on positive brand association and word of mouth. Poor visitor experiences will make it much harder for us to compete with other tourism boards.”

“Knowing what our visitors think is extremely valuable and gives us and the industry the keys to raise the bar and exceed visitor expectations in an increasingly competitive global tourism market.”

Tourism New Zealand have created a visual summary of visitor experience data for industry.

The International visitor experience data was sourced from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s International Visitor Survey. 

Note: The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment recently released a report summarising three years’ worth of visitor feedback