Voice of Kiwi kids drives behaviour change

Kiwi kids are the stars of a new campaign to encourage protection of our home for future generations.

“The voice of youth is driving change and we need to listen,” says Stephen England Hall, Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive.  

“Tourism is the beating heart of New Zealand. It's our top export earner, employing one in seven Kiwis and supporting many of our communities. But, we must balance that with ensuring it gives back more than it takes.” 

Tiaki – Care for New Zealand encourages visitors and Kiwis to act as guardians of our home. Today a new campaign was launched to raise awareness of this important message.  

“As we head into summer, a time where Kiwis and visitors will be enjoying all that Aotearoa has to offer, we all have a role to play in ensuring our home is protected for future generations.”

Tiaki is a collaborative partnership between the public and private sector encouraging them to look after our home and travel safely and responsibly.   

Tiaki – Care for New Zealand is a commitment to protect and preserve Aotearoa for future generations. The voice of our future generation – Kiwi kids – feature in the latest Tiaki campaign. 

New Zealand has unique species and landscapes that are found nowhere else on earth. In the campaign, Kiwi kids ask New Zealanders and visitors to stand behind the principles of Tiaki and act as proud guardians while they travel around our beautiful country.

The campaign is a collaborative effort between Tourism New Zealand, the Department of Conservation, NZ Māori Tourism, Tourism Industry Aotearoa, Tourism Holdings Limited, Local Government New Zealand and Air New Zealand.