Winter campaign showcases all major ski regions

A $900k campaign promoting New Zealand as a winter holiday destination, built around a skiing experience, is underway in Australia. 

For 2018, Tourism New Zealand is taking an overall ‘ski New Zealand’ approach, promoting all three major skiing regions - Canterbury, Southern Lakes and Ruapehu. 

Working with the ski industry, regional tourism organisations and airports, the digital campaign highlights the off-mountain experiences unique to each region which differentiate New Zealand from key competitors. 

Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Stephen England-Hall says: “Positioning New Zealand as a winter destination that’s as good as it gets is in line with our key strategies of attracting visitors outside the peak season summer months and beyond the main tourist centres.    

“It is valuable to be able to work with the ski industry in a collaborative way  that allows us to create a more aligned and focused approach across the regions. The industry goal is to have 2m skier days by 2020 and campaigns like this are a significant contribution to achieving that goal. 

“We want Australians to see that while you may come here for one particular activity, like skiing, there is so much more to experience and that with everything so close, they will be spoiled for choice.” 

Australians make up the majority (64%) of international visitors who ski while they are in New Zealand. 

  • Ski visitors tend to stay a little longer (18 days) than the average visitor (16 days).
  • Skiers that visit New Zealand tend to come back - with 54% returning. 
  • Skiers have an excellent visitor experience with strong satisfaction (9.1 out of 10) and are likely to recommend New Zealand as a destination.