World’s elite making return visits to New Zealand

New Zealand is becoming a place of choice for the world’s wealthiest with increasing numbers jet setting their way to New Zealand than ever before.

A new luxury tourism report just released by Tourism New Zealand with data from the Luxury Lodges of New Zealand shows the premium market accommodation spend for the year ending March 2017 grew by an impressive 42% on last year.  Spend data also shows that a significant number of luxury travellers are returning at least once within 5 years, with a 32%* return rate.

“Attracting people who have the ability to travel anywhere in the world can be challenging, it’s an extremely competitive market. New Zealand is proving attractive as a place the worlds wealthy can escape to and experience a personalised itinerary that incorporates world class luxury accommodation and activities,” says Lisa Gardiner, Tourism New Zealand’s Manager Premium and Business Events.

“Return travel is particularly pleasing because it shows that the industry is delivering a fantastic experience that people want to have again and recommend to others.”

“The luxury traveller is really important for New Zealand’s economy because they have the potential to spend more in one day than an average tourist spends their entire stay.”

“We are seeing more premium travellers coming from the US in particular, fuelled by awareness of New Zealand as a luxury destination, new luxury properties entering the accommodation market, and increased air connectivity.”

Read the Luxury Tourism Insights Report here. 

*Credit card spend sourced from market view