Film Tourism

  1. Tourism New Zealand works in unison with the New Zealand Film Commission and Film New Zealand to capitalise on opportunities generated by blockbuster films to promote New Zealand as an exception travel destination.

  2. They say it isn’t easy being green – unless of course you’re Kermit the Frog exploring the Coolest Little Capital in the coolest little country in the world.

  3. A campaign partnership between actor Bryce Dallas Howard and National Geographic Travel is proving a winning formula in driving strong interest among Americans considering a New Zealand holiday.

  4. Tourism New Zealand’s PR work has resulted in global media coverage worth an estimated $227 million in the past financial year.

  5. Bryce Dallas Howard is spreading her love for New Zealand as our newest tourism voice in the US.

  6. While Middle-earth remains a key motivator for travel to New Zealand there’s a new film in town that has inspired Americans to consider a vacation down under.

  7. Tourism New Zealand has secured exclusive cast interviews and video content to showcase New Zealand internationally as the home of the new Disney movie Pete’s Dragon.

  8. More New Zealand locations are revealed in a new trailer released today for Disney’s movie fantasy Pete’s Dragon.

  9. About 292,000 international holiday visitors (18 per cent) cite The Hobbit Trilogy as a reason for their initial interest in New Zealand.

  10. New Zealand has been featured for the first time as the home of Disney’s 'Pete’s Dragon', scheduled to be released worldwide later this year.

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