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  1. The crème de la crème of New Zealand’s i-SITE Visitor Information Network have been recognised today at the 2018 i-SITE Conference in Greymouth Māwhera.

  2. Attracting high value visitors is a key but challenging component of Tourism New Zealand’s work. How do we, from the 140 million people currently considering New Zealand as a holiday destination, attract those who will add the greatest value to New Zealand.

  3. The latest webinar from Tourism New Zealand focused on insights into our emerging markets.

  4. Visitor economy growth and the opportunities that lie within this for tourism and other sectors was a key focus of the Tourism New Zealand Roadshow events held in Waitangi, Wellington, Christchurch and Invercargill this month.

  5. Tourism New Zealand welcomes the opening of consultation on the Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy announced by Government today and encourages industry to participate in the process.

  6. The i-SITE Visitor Information Network and Department of Conservation (DOC) have met to discuss how the visitor experience can be improved through a more cohesive service.

  7. Tourism New Zealand has announced plans to evolve the 100% Pure brand, take an active role in helping regions grow by $1 billion per annum*, and ensure that growth is sustainable and enriches New Zealand.

  8. Following a record summer for international visitor arrivals, the majority of New Zealanders remain positive about the impact of tourism and overall sentiment has slightly improved, according to the latest Mood of the Nation research released today.

  9. The latest Kiwi Link Korea and Japan trade events have helped Kiwi operators connect with buyers to promote their products and the broader New Zealand experience.

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