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Latin America

  1. More than 10 million LATAM airline passengers will be inspired to travel to New Zealand through major features in the airline’s inflight magazine and onboard entertainment.

  2. Spring 2017 has been our strongest yet for spring holiday arrivals. New Zealand welcomed a total of 883,397 international visitors from 1 September to 30 November 2017. This includes a 7.1 percent increase in holiday arrivals.

  3. Access to new data has enabled Tourism New Zealand to better measure the coverage and impact of its trade marketing activity in nine key markets.

  4. Travel agents in Latin America are becoming increasingly eager to improve their knowledge of New Zealand because it is proving to be such a popular travel destination.

  5. Around 37 million people are expected to tune into an hour long show dedicated to New Zealand this week.

  6. Cult Brazilian travel show Lugar Incomum has dedicated eight episodes entirely to New Zealand.

  7. A group of New Zealand tourism operators is heading to Argentina and Brazil on a unique business trip.

  8. Registrations are now open for Tourism New Zealand's next series of industry webinars, which kick off at the end of September.

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