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  1. Tourism New Zealand welcomes the launch of Landmarks Whenua Tohunga in Otago today, which recognises 12 of the region’s most important historic and cultural sites.

  2. The popular Tuku Iho exhibition has been a backdrop for training that has seen around 600 travel sellers from America schooled up on New Zealand.

  3. A new campaign is underway to get more Australians basing themselves in Christchurch for an autumn holiday next year.

  4. A network of 19 short walks and day hikes is now being promoted to the world.

  5. A recent pilot campaign to attract Australian travellers to Northland has shown that regional dispersal is possible through targeted marketing.

  6. A $1 million campaign kicks off today to get more Australians touring the South Island in autumn.

  7. It’s not just about the dollars and cents although they are significant – some $34.7 billion spent by international and Kiwi tourists. It’s also about how visitors can make a difference in your community.

  8. The first significant announcement resulting from Tourism New Zealand’s strategy to work more closely with the Department of Conservation has been made by Tourism Minister Paula Bennett and Conservation Minister Maggie Barry.

  9. Ensuring tourism growth is sustainable economically, environmentally and socially was top of mind at last week’s Tourism Export Council conference.

  10. Bryce Dallas Howard is spreading her love for New Zealand as our newest tourism voice in the US.

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