1. Capturing greater value from the premium sector is a component of Tourism New Zealand's strategy to grow the number of high-value visitors to New Zealand.

  2. More than 300 agencies that cater solely for the world’s high net worth individuals have voted New Zealand their “Most Preferred Destination”.

  3. A desire for unique experiences, unlimited spending power and the ability to travel whenever and wherever is a powerful combination that is paying dividends for New Zealand’s luxury market.

  4. New Zealand is becoming a place of choice for the world’s wealthiest with increasing numbers jet setting their way to New Zealand than ever before.

  5. With upwards of $100 million in the bank, private planes at the ready, and a desire for life-affirming experiences, the world’s High Net-Worth Individuals are setting their sights on New Zealand.

  6. Tourism New Zealand has collected three awards that recognise New Zealand’s attractive luxury travel experience offering.

  7. Hot on the heels of the successful global James Cameron campaign, Tourism New Zealand have developed more content featuring the filmmaker aimed at those looking for a little luxury.

  8. How do you get the attention of a high-value visitor who can holiday wherever they desire? You show them the unique and personalised experience New Zealand can offer them.

  9. With international visitor arrivals continuing their strong growth, the focus on attracting high value visitors over high volume is ever increasing.

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