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The information on these pages is for tourism operators wanting to work with Tourism New Zealand to enhance their business.

Tourism New Zealand supports the development of the industry in New Zealand by:

  • helping connect operators to the trade through events and famils,
  • connecting travellers with travel sellers through newzealand.com,
  • supporting the development of Chinese tourism to New Zealand, and 
  • through its committments to the Visitor Information Network, i-SITES, and the Qualmark quality assurance programme.   

Learn more about how your tourism business can benefit from the tools, resources and development opportunities available.

  1. Try our Visitor Profile tool to find out which high-value visitors from our six key visitor markets are the best match for your product.

  2. New Zealand is a special place, and everyone who lives and travels here has a responsibility to look after it. The Tiaki Promise is a commitment to care for New Zealand while travelling.

  3. We do a lot of work with the tourism industry to promote New Zealand internationally, this often results in positive international media coverage for the destination. Media coverage can be worth millions of dollars in advertising value to an individual businesses or regions featured.

  4. Tourism New Zealand works with travel sellers across all key offshore markets to ensure they have a good understanding of New Zealand, that they offer the products Tourism New Zealand’s target market wants to buy and that they are passionate about selling New Zealand as a holiday destination.

  5. Newzealand.com is Tourism New Zealand's consumer website that is used to market New Zealand to potential travellers.

  6. i-SITE Visitor Information Centres are an important part of the distribution channel for tourism businesses. They help to ensure international and domestic visitors are doing and spending more while they travel around New Zealand.

  7. Qualmark is New Zealand tourism’s official quality assurance organisation, providing a trusted guide to quality travel experiences

  8. Tourism New Zealand is working to maximise the opportunities available from the growing numbers of Chinese visitors to New Zealand.