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Tourism New Zealand is the organisation responsible for marketing New Zealand to the world as a tourist destination. The major tool we use to do this is the 100% Pure New Zealand marketing campaign, a campaign that has evolved over the past two decades to make New Zealand one of the world's most well-respected tourism brands.

International tourism has grown to become New Zealand's largest earner of foreign exchange, pumping around NZD14.5 billion annually into the nation's economy. Over 3.7 million visitors arrive in the country every year. (updated December 2017

Understandably, an industry of this magnitude does not grow by itself. In a fiercely contested global tourism marketplace, Tourism New Zealand is responsible for ensuring New Zealand remains attractive internationally as a visitor destination.

Through the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign we take New Zealand's story to consumers, the travel trade and the global media, while working with the industry here in New Zealand to ensure we deliver on the promises made through the campaign.

Tourism New Zealand is a Crown Entity funded by the New Zealand Government and established under the New Zealand Tourism Board Act 1991. We are led by a Board of Directors appointed by the Minister of Tourism and have a team of around 150 staff in 13 offices around the world. From humble beginnings, we are now the oldest tourism marketing department in the world.


  1. Our marketing activity is carefully focused on a number of key markets around the world and a select group of consumers within those key markets. This is so we get the maximum yield for the tourism industry.

  2. Tourism New Zealand is a crown entity governed by Board members who are appointed by the Minister of Tourism. Tourism New Zealand's leadership team is responsible for the organisation's business operations. For contact details, please visit the Contact Us page.

  3. Tourism is New Zealand's largest export industry in terms of foreign exchange earnings. It directly employs 7.5 per cent of the New Zealand workforce.

  4. Tourism New Zealand markets New Zealand to the world as a visitor destination. Staff in our international offices work with members of the travel trade and media, and carry out consumer marketing activities to encourage people to visit New Zealand. If you are a New Zealand based journalist and have a media query please contact someone on the list below. If you are an international journalist please contact us here.

  5. Tourism New Zealand is the organisation responsible for marketing New Zealand to the world as a visitor destination. We have a bold purpose: to enrich New Zealand. We do this by shaping the impact of international tourism to make New Zealand a better place for New Zealanders.

  6. Download Tourism New Zealand's Annual Report, Statement of Intent and other corporate publications.

  7. As a Crown Entity, Tourism New Zealand is dedicated to transparent reporting.