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About the tourism industry

Tourism is New Zealand's largest export industry in terms of foreign exchange earnings. It directly employs one in seven New Zealanders.

Data and statistics

For the year ended March 2018:

  • Total tourism expenditure was $39.1 billion, an increase of 7.7 percent ($2.8 billion) from the previous year.
  • International tourism expenditure increased 9.6 percent ($1.4 billion) to $16.2 billion, and contributed 20.6 percent to New Zealand’s total exports of goods and services.
  • Domestic tourism expenditure increased 6.5 percent ($1.4 billion) to $23.0 billion.
  • Tourism generated a direct contribution to gross domestic product (GDP) of $15.9 billion, or 6.1 percent of GDP.
  • Tourism is our biggest export industry, contributing 21% of foreign exchange earnings.
  • The indirect value added of industries supporting tourism generated an additional $11.1 billion, or 4.3 percent of GDP.
  • 216,012 people were directly employed in tourism (8.0 percent of the total number of people employed in New Zealand), an increase of 2.6 percent from the previous year.
  • Tourists generated $3.7 billion in goods and services tax (GST) revenue, with $1.7 billion coming from international tourists.
  • Overseas visitor arrivals to New Zealand increased 7.8 percent.

(Source: Tourism Satellite Account 2018, Statistics New Zealand)

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